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WiReboot Makes it Easier for Everyone to Stay Connect to their Internet

Internet is no longer a luxury, for most of us it is a necessity to carry on with our everyday lives, in work, communication with friends and family, and even our homes are running off of the internet for everything from the TV to the lights. Even more important is when we are out of town. Many of us rely on our Nest or Dropcam to watch our home… But with a dropped Wi-Fi (or Internet) connection and no one there to reboot it, we lose all connection and security. So why is it that we can never rely on our internet connection. While W-Fi (or Internet) works a majority of the time, when it doesn’t, it causes a major inconvenience.

What is WiReboot?

Good question, we are glad you asked!  

WiReboot is a device that consistently monitor your Wi-Fi and internet, and power cycle the modem/router if there is a problem.  

WiReboot is a must have for always on, connected home.  

WiReboot have a wide range of operating voltage (5V-20V, 3A), it is compatible with more than 95% of the routers in the market. 





Why WiReboot?

A Wi-Fi network needs a cycled reboot(reset) on a regular basis, or you will experience problem such as slow or dropped Wi-Fi connection.

Router is just like your computer, many reasons can cause the router slow or stop working, it could be too hot, buggy software, zombie connections, too much load(too many connections).

If you close to your router, it is fine, you can reboot yourself. What if you are away and your Wi-Fi stop working?

We have so many Wi-Fi devices at home now, DropCam, Nest, Wi-Fi door lock,Wi-Fi garage opener. Wi-Fi sensors, etc. When your Wi-Fi is not working, none of them work.

WiReboot is a device that check Wi-Fi connection all the time, and reboot(power cycle) your router automatically if there is a problem.

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