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About us

WiReboot was started trying to solve our own problem:

How to make sure Wi-Fi/Internet at home works all the time while we are away?

We have so many of the things (Nest,Dropcam or other IoT) that rely on Wi-Fi now, when your Wi-Fi (Internet) is not working, none of them work.

I took the idea from watch-dog timer in micro-processor, made a prototype, tested a year, then I thought other people may need it as well, so we put on Kickstarter and it took off.

This picture is the early prototype (V2):


At WiReboot, we will focus on Automation, Remote-Control, Self-Recovery and related products that improve the accessibility and up-time. We are a small business based in Toronto, Canada.



We are in the business of connectivity since 2002, when Siemens was making phones! We are the first one to bring the Siemens S40/S46 data cables to the North America.

Over the years, we are constantly changing, we brought products, we developed Android App have more than 1 million downloads within 2 years, in last 2 years, we made some hardware devices. We will keep adapt to change and offer products/services to solve everyday's problems.