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USB DC connector set (5 different connectors)

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This 'DC connector set' include 10 items with 5 different DC connectors:

  • 5.5mmX2.1mm Male     to USB Male cable
  • 5.5mmX2.1mm Female to USB Female cable
  • 4.0mmX1.7mm Female to USB Female cable
  • MicroUSB         Female to USB Female cable
  • 5.5mmX2.1mm Female to 5.5mmX2.5mm   Male Adapter
  • 5.5mmX2.1mm Female to 4.0mmX1.7mm   Male Adapter
  • 5.5mmX2.1mm Female to 3.5mmX1.35mm Male Adapter
  • 5.5mmX2.1mm Female to MicroUSB           Male Adapter
  • 5.5mmX2.5mm   Female to 5.5mmX2.1mm Male Adapter
  • 3.5mmX1.35mm Female to 5.5mmX2.1mm Male Adapter


4.0mmX1.7mm only used on some D-Link routers.

3.5mmX1.35mm and MicroUSB only use on Portable Routers.


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